Expedition 21 Busy With Science and Exercise Activities

Commander Frank De Winne
Numerous science activities were underway Friday including setting up and photographing experiments. The station residents also exercised throughout the day on the treadmill and advanced resistive exercise device.

Cosmonauts Maxim Suraev and Roman Romanenko worked together on the Russian experiment PILOT-M, which tests piloting skills in conjunction with the stress factors of long duration spaceflight. Romanenko wore an electrode cap during the experiment while Suraev assisted him and photographed activities.

An ultrasound analyzer was used to measure the background environment of the treadmill vibration isolation system (TVIS). The TVIS was powered up with Romanenko exercising on it for the measurement.

Canadian astronaut and Flight Engineer Robert Thirsk replaced a rope on the advanced resistive exercise device (ARED). The ARED provides strength training and a countermeasure to the long-term effects of spaceflight.

Flight Engineers Nicole Stott and Jeff Williams worked with the U. S. spacesuits preparing tools then terminating the scrubbing process which cleans carbon dioxide from the suits. Three spacewalks are planned from the U.S. Quest airlock when space shuttle Atlantis arrives at the station in November.

Commander Frank De Winne set up equipment then participated in a ham radio session with students in Nova Scotia, Canada. From inside the Columbus module, the commander also spoke to the International Conference on Human Space Exploration in Prague, Czech Republic.