Research Animal Rights:
The frantic and the high tech world we live in today have progressed through a series of life altering changes throughout the last couple of centuries. Nearly all of this progress can be traced back to the advancement of technology. The Technology has allowed humans to do everything from flying an airplane to creating clones. Ahead with the economical and educational benefits of technology, medical advances have soared. This has been raised by one of the most debated and biggest moral questions: “is it really necessary to take the lives of animals in the name of science and for the betterment of humanity?” While some social groups think animals should have the same rights as humans, the undeniable truth is that animal research is too important to all species in our world to be stopped.
Through the entire 20th century medicine as experienced phenomenal success and this can be attributed mainly to technology and the brilliant minds that applied it to medicine. Anyway, the advancement of medicine and human health has not come without cost. To find new and more efficient forms of treatments, scientist sacrificed many animals in their testing and research.
Many more changes are needed in our current methods of research. For the human beings this topic of death is still being debated, but animals are put to sleep every day when their owner or veterinarian decides the quality of the animal’s life will be too low for it to continue to survive.
What is destiny? For many people it is how they live their lives. We may believe that everyone’s life has its own destiny or course. By other words our destiny is out fate. It may be either a good thing or a bad thing and to most people it has already been decided by a Supreme Being or God. But for us that is just the pessimistic view on destiny. Others may believe that one can decide his or her own destiny. A person has to know how to control it and become a master of it. Personally you believe that one can control his or her own destiny. This means if you strive to do that yourself. That is If you just live your life expecting that everything will fall in your lap you are wrong.
Nothing in life is pre-destined for anybody as in the people you meet, the jobs you get or the person you marry. And also If that were to be true then everyone would be happy, that is if your destiny is for you to be happy. We may think that the notion of destiny is just an excuse that people use for the misfortunes or fortunes that they encounter. During the entire course of ones life you can began to make your own destiny.
We have to accept that Bill Gates was not destined to be the richest man in the world. The course which you select for your career and who you are in life is all on the person not a predetermined situates. The Evolution precedes under a law as unerring as any well-established scientific law, namely, that of karma or the law of cause and effect. Therefore these things are all up to us, we decide our own destiny or life would just be robotic with no real meaning to it. If the destiny played a part in their lives I would say that they were destined to live happily and rich because of their father, but instead their father to the initiative to make them work like he did and if they want to be rich like he is then they would have to work as hard as he did. No body in their life wants their parents to divorce but that is basically up to them whether they can get along or if nations can agree to peace over religion and differences. Destiny also may not affect the course of my family or my nation. The incidents like war and divorce are just misfortunes that happen when people do not get along. If that thing were true than life would be too easy and a person should just sit around and let destiny take its course.
Destiny may not control a part of your life. Whether that person applies himself and goes to school and then to college and eventually gets a career on his own is his prerogative. This may makes perfection possible, for knowledge is power, and when a person knows the law and works with it, he can produce any result he chooses; he becomes master of his destiny. He only gave them a miniscule portion. So don’t think that destiny has anything to do with the person that you fall in love with.
Successful college student:
All over life people are faced with a variety of hurdles. Let us try to know How they choose to overcome these hurdles determines whether they become successful or not, it would be nice if there was an instruction manual to tell one how to be successful, how to overcome these hurdles. Among the most difficult hurdles facing people today is college. For Often times people go into college with their eyes closed tightly, meaning they are totally unprepared for what lye’s ahead. There may be a variety of aspects that determine whether students are successful in college. To meet the basic requirements to enter college, selecting the right courses, learning how to study on the college level, and managing time are all key factors in becoming a successful college student.
And for the enrolment in college, one must first meet the basic requirements of that institution. The requirements for some colleges are more difficult than others. To become a successful student in college, one must choose a college in which they meet the basic requirements. For the most all academically based colleges, a basic requirement is a high school diploma or G.E.D. Some of the colleges base acceptance on the student’s high school grade point average. The colleges with difficult admission requirements are looking not only for the meritorious and intelligent students.
More often, student feels that there just are not enough hours in a day. Often in the time the counselors can send students in the right direction for achieving their goals, as well as helping them to select courses to go along with their intended major.
College courses may require more effort and studying than high school.
When a student is accepted into a college, one of the most difficult decisions is ahead, course selection. BY having a talk with a counselor at this point is extremely helpful for a student. The above are just four examples of the various skills it takes to become successful. And also many classes require several hours per day of studying. Various classes require different methods of studying. The languages English requires writing essays and elaborate reading. Now he or she may faces with choosing his or her major. It all depends upon the students’ interest.
Women and Education:

Acceding women and men equal access to education in light of the Fourteenth Amendment’s pledge of equal protection.
Although taken for granted by many, co-sex educational institutions for higher learning are really just recent occurrences. And For the most part, in the colleges and universities, particularly elite ones, taught either men or women. So the reasons for this separation date back to early American history, when a woman’s place was seen as “in the home.” And In addition, education was seen, though ridiculously, as having detrimental effects on the woman.
And the some of these ludicrous, yet back then “scientific” beliefs, included that women’s brains were smaller than men’s were therefore, making them “less capable of academic learning.” And It was also said that if women utilized their brains at the time of their adolescent years, then their reproductive organs would not develop correctly causing possible sterility.
The motherhood has always been seen as a strong link for women to their personal identities. However, the greatest oppression would be to threaten its existence.
Take an example, in 1971 after a congressional hearing reported that in Virginia 21,000 women and no men were turned down for admission to state schools. The court usually applies this test with gender-based classifications and those involving illegitimate children. And it was not until recent decades that the Court finally let up with the concept that the equal protection clause was the “last resort of constitutional arguments”, as stated by Justice Holmes in 1927 (Buck v Bell). Though the intermediate scrutiny test is based on a substantive evaluation reviewing the governmental policy’s wisdom and intentions. And from as early as 1955 when Adlai Stevenson; addressed the Smith College graduating class and urged them not to define themselves by “any profession and to participate in politics through the role of wife and mother. Whether an institution did not comply with the law, the government might delay awards of money and the revoke current awards or debar institutions from eligibility for future awards. As to the emergence of the Women’s Liberation groups in 1968 as a “spin-off” of the male- run student movement. So VMI was founded in 1839 with the mission of producing “citizen-soldiers. So a situation came as women have had to prove that they are equals of men.
To choose College :
Every day we must take decisions that affect our lives. To Choose a college is one of the very most important decision in life, exceeded only by the choice of a wife or a husband. By looking the decision through financially speaking, college can easily be the second largest expenditure in life, surpassed only by the cost of a house. For four years the colleges’ cost far more than the average expense of a house in some states. College is just more than a preparation for a career. By Often, the person who graduates becomes a different person from what he or she was as an entering first year student. Furthermore, the imprint of a particular college or university can remain for life. After some decades later, people may say knowingly, "He was a “hawk,” or “She went to Monmouth University.” And also for better or worse, the choice of a college has lifelong implications.
To choose a right college was a very stressful process. Another important factor in choosing college was looking for in a college, was that I was receiving a good education for a reasonable price. It will cause you to grow as an individual and learn to become more independent. The process may help you to believe in yourself and in your abilities.
Choosing a college is a biggest decision in your life. You have to go through the whole process by yourself receiving assistance only when needed. Choosing a college may impact your life immensely. What helps to make the process much easier was narrowing your search down to the colleges that possesses qualities for which you were looking. There was so much going on in your life that you may felt like you had no time to think about your future.