Playground slides

Playground slides are found in parks, schools, playgrounds and backyards around the earth. Slides are constructed of either plastic or metal and they have a soft surface that is either straight or wavy/rippled. Slides are integral parts of playgrounds. The user, normally a child, climbs to the top of the slide via a steps or stairs and sits down on the top of slide and "slides" down the slide. Some slides are directly, others wind their way down. Slides come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Some slides are commercial, found in playground at parks and schools. Other slides are part of residential playgrounds.
Valencia orange

The Valencia or Murcia orange is one of the sweet oranges used for juice mining. It is a late-season fruit, and therefore a popular variety when the navel oranges are out of season. For this reason, the orange was chosen to be the official mascot of the 1982 FIFA World Cup, which was held in Spain. The mascot was called "Naranjito" ("little orange"), and wore the colors of the Spanish soccer team uniform.

Odissi (or Orissi) is the traditional style of dance that originates in the state of Orissa in Eastern India, where it was performed by the maharis. It is one of the oldest existing forms of dance, with evidence dating back to 2200 BC to be found in the caves of Khandagiri and Udayagiri in Orissa. Today, there are three distinct styles of Odissi, including the Gotipua style of Guru Deba Prasad Das, the Mahari style of Guru Pankaj Charan Das, and the repertoire of Odissi as formulated under the aegis of Jayantika in 1957, which is the style of Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra.
Highway Code

In many countries, the system of the road is codified, setting out the legal requirements and punishments for breaking them. In the United Kingdom, the rules are set out in the Highway Code, including some obligations, but also a lot of other advice on how to drive prudently and securely. For this second set of advice, it states: Although failure to comply with the other rules of the Code will not, in itself, cause a person to be prosecuted, The Highway Code may be used in evidence in any court proceedings under Traffic Acts to establish liability. Many of its ex-colonies still retain this notice.