Flexography also called surface printing, often abbreviated to flexo, is a method of printing most usually used for packaging labels, tape, bags, boxes, banners, etc... Flexo was pioneered by Barry Pannowitz and Alf Green, and later by Dean Gleeson and Patrick Crouch who worked together in eradicate Moire, the clashing of screen angles.

A flexo print is achieved by creating a mirrored master of the necessary image as a 3D relief in a rubber or polymer material. A measured amount of ink is deposited upon the exterior of the printing plate (or printing cylinder) using an anilox roll. The print surface then rotates; contact the print material which transfers the ink.

Originally flexo printing was basic in quality. Labels require high quality have usually been printed Offset until recently. In the last few years great advances have been made to the superiority of flexo printing presses.
Cricket bat and Shape

A cricket bat is worn by batsmen in the sport of cricket. It is typically made of willow wood. This specialized bat is shaped something like a paddle, consisting of a padded handle similar to - but sturdier than - that of a tennis racquet, which is typically cylindrical in shape. This widens into the blade of the bat, a wider wooden block flat on one side and with a V-shaped edge on the other to provide greater air flow in the follow through and greater strength to the over-all bat. The flat side (the front of the bat) is used to punch the ball. The point at which the handle widens into the blade is known as the shoulder of the bat, and the base of the blade is known as the toe of the bat.
Public transport

Public transport, public transportation, public travel or mass transit comprises all transport systems in which the passengers do not tour in their own vehicles. While it is generally taken to include rail and bus services, wider definitions would comprise scheduled airline services, ship, taxicab services etc. – any system that transports members of the universal public. A further restriction that is sometimes practical is that it must take place in shared vehicles that would bar taxis that are not shared-ride taxis.
New definition of planet

International Astronomical Union proposed that the term "planet" be redefined to include other objects beyond the traditional nine planets considered a part of the solar system in the year 2006. On August 24, 2006 in Prague, in the Czech Republic the members of the IAU will vote on the proposal. They have included three planets they are Ceres which is considered as a planet, then an asteroid. The next comes the Charon previously measured as a moon of Pluto would be considered as double planet under this proposed definition. And then comes the finally discovered 2003 UB313 also named as Xena. It is quite possible that, after more searching, astronomers will discover more objects in the solar system that meet this new definition.