Pass through of Venus trembles astronomy enthusiasts

For astronomy enthusiasts as well as laymen, Wednesday's celestial spectacle was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Transit of Venus, between the Earth and the sun right from the day-break was witnessed by many. The very appearance of Venus, as a dot on the sun, thrilled viewers.

As the day broke, it appeared on the sun emerging from the Bay of Bengal in an effulgent orange. Even as the sun turned yellow and then white in all brightness, the dot was visible.

Transit of Venus thrills astronomy

Protective gear

People used special protective gear to witness it. Not heeding the advice of experts, some viewed them through old X-ray films.

At Jalaripeta, where fishermen live, there is always hectic activity in the morning as fishermen prepare themselves to head out into the sea. Seeing the enthusiasm of those who had gathered there to witness the event, they enquired as to what was happening in the sky. At Ramakrishna Beach, the local chapter of Jana Vignana Vedika explained the importance of the rare astronomical phenomena to people and supplied them protective glasses to view it.

Social networking

For photography aficionados, it's a rare opportunity. Using it, a dentist, Suresh Gorantla, and a businessman, Sanjay Singh, shot the pictures and put them on social networking platforms to help their friends see it.