Not NASA but German Satellite will plunge to Earth shortly

satellite was the primary publication to break the story with this article and this is an update to that. is in consistent contact with officials on the German ROSAT Satellite.

"Wir wissen nicht, wo sie noch landen wird, ebenso wie NASA hat mit UARS, aber wir aktualisieren die Menschen so viel wie wir k├Ânnen," said officials. "Wir sind mit anderen Agenturen, die auf die Beobachtung und Berechnung der ROSAT Umlaufbahn."

When translated into English for us ...

"We do not know where it will land yet, just as NASA did with UARS, but we will update the people as much as we can," said officials. "We are working with other agencies on observing and calculating the ROSAT orbit."

As stated in the primary article at, TWS predicted it would fall this month, not in November. This prediction at was made simply by looking at the solar wind data and calculating a better drag time.

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