NASA to Revolutionize Air Transport of Cargoes

Nasa Air Transport
NASA is set to change the way cargoes are transported by air. Soon, there will be airships.

Airships will revolutionize air transportation worldwide as NASA's first prototype is scheduled to take off in 2012, according to London's Daily Telegraph.

"One of NASA's jobs is to solve the nation's air transportation challenges with research, and airships haven't seen much research in the past few decades," said Dr. Pete Worden, the director of NASA research arm Ames.

NASA's airships could potentially solve transportation issues of heavy cargoes addressed to areas with rough terrain or roads not meant for regular airplane landing. These airships may well become the freight carrier of the 21st century.

"Initially we are expecting to be able to lift tens of tons and we are building a demonstrator that we hope to fly at the end of next year," Dr. Worden told the Telegraph.

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