NASA facing new budget cuts?

The House Appropriations Committee wants to cut NASA's budget by hundreds of millions dollars for the rest of the year.
A new list outlines the proposed cuts, including NASA.
A $379 million budget cut was proposed for the space agency for the last half of the current fiscal year.

The first thing to remember is that Congress never passed a budget for the current fiscal year. All federal agencies are working on last year's funding levels, including NASA.
But the House Appropriations Committee is developing the official budget to take them through October, and on Wednesday, the chairman released what he called "a partial list" of 70 spending cuts that will be included in the upcoming bill that has to be passed before early March.
The cuts total $74 billion.
NASA's cuts are not from current funding levels. It is a cut from the Obama administration's proposed budget for this year. But it still will be a cut.
News 13 has talked to Congressman Bill Posey's office, but they really haven't had a chance to figure out what it means yet. The news is just out and Posey is involved in meeting after meeting Wednesday.
We got a similar response from Congresswoman Sandy Adams' office. They are waiting to see the actual language in the budget resolution, and can't really comment yet.