STS-129 Astronauts Install SpaceCube on ISS

Goddard SpaceCube team
The Goddard SpaceCube team members include (left to right): Manuel Buenfil, Mike Lin, Tom Flatley, Ed Hicks (kneeling), Danny Espinosa, Robin Ripley (seated), Gary Crum, Alessandro Geist, Karin Blank (seated), and Jeff Hosler. Not pictured: Dave Petrick.

SpaceCube is a next-generation computer system developed at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. The potentially revolutionary computer system, which provides up to 25 times the processing power of a typical flight processor, will be testing special software techniques that would make the computer more immune to upsets that happen when radioactive particles affect the computer. The SpaceCube was demonstrated during the Hubble Servicing Mission earlier this year.