Second Spacewalk Begins

STS-127 lead spacewalker Dave Wolf and Endeavour Mission Specialist Tom Marshburn began the mission’s second spacewalk at 11:27 a.m. EDT, when they switched their spacesuits to battery power. The space walk is expected to last 6.5 hours.

The pair will retrieve three hardware spares from the Integrated Cargo Carrier – Vertical Light Deployable, or ICC-VLD, and place them in a long-term storage location on the outside of the station’s Port 3 truss. On Sunday, robotic arm operators moved the cargo carrier to a location where Wolf and Marshburn can easily access it.

First, Wolf and Marshburn will retrieve a Ku-Band Space-to-Ground Antenna from the ICC-VLD and place it in the Port 3 External Stowage Platform, ESP-3. Next, they will transfer a Pump Module that is part of the station’s exterior thermal control system, and a Linear Drive Unit that helps the mobile transporter move along the truss backbone, to ESP-3. Marshburn will take a fixed grapple bar and preposition it on an ammonia tank assembly in preparation for its replacement on STS-128 in August. Finally, both spacewalkers will move a television camera that was launched on the Japanese Exposed Facility (JEF) to its final location on JEF. The spacewalkers will be assisted by Julie Payette and Doug Hurley, who will help move Wolf from the ICC-VLD to the ESP-3 on the space station robotic arm.