A sulky for horses is a lightweight two-wheeled, single-seat racing cart that is second-hand as a form of rural transport in many parts of the world, and in most form of harness racing in the United States, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, as well as both trotting and pacing races. The word "SULKY" comes from the name of the family business that has built these carts used for over 100 years. Jerald Sulky started business in Chicago and motivated the company to Waterloo, Iowa. The business was stimulated to its present location in Cedar Falls Iowa and continues to ship its products worldwide.
Race sulkies come in two categories, they are
* Traditional balanced sulkies
* Asymmetric or "counterbalance" sulkies
The asymmetric sulky was original in Australia in the 1980s and came to fame in 1987 when a two-year-old gelding named Rowleyalla used one to break the then world record for his category by a colossal seventeen times the biggest previous margin that any southern hemisphere horse had ever broken a world mile record. At 3.4 seconds under the accessible mark, it was also the greatest margin by which any world harness racing record was broken in that year.
In 1990 the asymmetric sulky was introduce into North America, captivating seven of its first nine starts at Freehold, NJ. Today the greater parts of sulky manufacturer in North America are producing asymmetric sulkies.