Autumn in New York

It is a touching love story that stars Richard Gere as Wil, and Wynona Ryder as Charlotte. Wil, a characteristic womanizer, is introduced to Charlotte, a unique young woman, by her grandmother, whom he had known for many years, and the two are right away attracted to each other. Unfortunately, Wil’s fear of understanding and Charlotte’s terminal illness will pose grave burdens on what seems to be a growing romance. Attractively done, the movie’s plot seems to be directly associated with the changing of the seasons. The issue of time is a theme that is chronic and highly symbolized throughout the film.
The movie begins in the fall, the time of harvest, and a time to gather what you spread. Perhaps this time of the year is delegate of people’s potential to harvest what’s within, perfect for the combination of lovers. But, even though the movie is happy to be a love story, there are problems from the beginning. When Wil look at women, he sees them as acquisition.