Video Camera

A professional video camera (often called a "television camera"
even though the use has extend) is a high-end tool for video
recording electronic moving images (as opposed to a film camera,
that records the images on film). Formerly developed for use in
television studios, they are now normally used for corporate and
educational videos, music videos, direct-to-video movies, etc.
Not as much of advanced video cameras used by customers are
often referred to as camcorders.
There are two kind of professional video cameras: High end
portable, video recording cameras (which are, confusingly,
called camcorders too) used for ENG image gaining, and studio
cameras which lack the recording capability of a camcorder, and
are often fixed on studio pedestals.
Professional video cameras confine and transfer two dimensional
images serially, at specified capture rates, usually in the
visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Most studio cameras situate on the floor, usually with pneumatic
or hydraulic mechanisms to regulate the height, and are usually
on wheels