Private or Public Schools :

Both schools offer the good education to the dearest of a parents heart, their children. Private schools on one hand, would cost about $5,000 dollars a year. Unlike the public school, no weapons were ever found on any students of the private school, but if there ever were, students would be axiomatically thrown out with no refund of their money. Some parents may think it’s worth the cost of a private school to keep there children safe. These numbers will too, affect the ability for students to focus and become undistracted on their education and extra curricular activities. Private schools would give all that to students as long as they receive their monthly payment of upto $483 dollars. With uniforms, the students can go to school unafraid of being made fun of with what they are wearing because everyone looks the same. Others may believe there is plenty of authority and security in public schools to keep their children out of danger. The Students might feel like they should be going to school to impress and express them selves with what their wearing. In the private school, uniforms are strictly enforced and required. Although, the public school in Middletown does not enforce uniforms which can become a major distraction to the adolescent minds of the students.