Teams at Launch Pad 39A

The Closeout Crew and Final Inspection Team are working through their highly specialized routines at Launch Pad 39A in preparation for liftoff this afternoon.

The Final Inspection Team will check the outside of the shuttle. They are studying Atlantis, the solid rocket boosters and external tank for large chunks of ice or other debris on or near the shuttle.

The Closeout Crew is dressed in white coveralls, while the Final Inspection Team wears orange coveralls. The coveralls for both teams are numbered so the technicians can be accounted for during their time at the pad.

The Closeout Crew will help the astronauts climb aboard Atlantis and get situated for launch. They also will close the hatch later and conduct leak checks before departing the pad.

There is a 70-percent chance of favorable weather for launch -- the primary concern at this time is for low cloud ceilings.