Ammonia Tank Working Well; Transfers Ahead of Schedule

During the second STS-128 spacewalk, mission specialists Danny Olivas and Christer Fuglesang installed a new Ammonia Tank Assembly on the International Space Station. Mission Control says the new tank is working perfectly.

The spacewalkers were able to perform some get-ahead tasks, but when they went to a pressurized mating adapter on node 1 to reroute cables, they did not find the cables in the expected configuration. Mission managers will decide how to approach this situation before the next spacewalk procedure review.

The crews have completed more than 60 percent of the transfer work from the Leonardo multi-purpose logistics module to the station.

Expedition 20 Flight Engineer Nicole Stott is preparing for the arrival of the Japanese HTV cargo craft. She will grapple it with the space station's robot arm and attach it where Leonardo is now. She is reviewing procedures and will use a trainer on the station to practice grapples with the arm.